Tuesday, 26 October 2010


this week in @D animation practice we had to animate out cube character to show reaction. it had to look as is he had heard something off stage and we had to animated his reaction to hearing that noise. i animated mine with 30 drawings but i also used a few holds and loop a couple of bits. when i played it back on stop motion pro i was really pleased with it but once i exported it at 24 fps it was far to fast, so i have exported this one at 15 fps and i think its alot better.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


breakfast , originally uploaded by timwheatley.

ive beeen having a bit too much fun with this toy story project

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Toy Story

for the second week of the 'experimental sketch book ive chosen the brief 'Toy Story': "Find, borrow or buy a toy. Draw the toy all week in different locations. Give your toy a week of adventures." I found a TMNT toy and have stated with a few sketches of the toy.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Jumping cube

we had to animate, this week, a cube character jumping. We had to show we understood the principles of anticipation and overlap. I did this animation in 23 frames and im quite please with it i think i managed to get the timing right but i think it could have been improved by emphasising the anticipation of the jump more. i think possibly by holding the character in his crouched position for a couple of frames, other than that i think its great.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


After the session on anticipation and having ago a animation a cube-man jumping, i wanted to have ago at making a character run off in a cloud of dust like in road runner, here is my first attempt!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

second attempt at football

I remade my bouncing football. this one is much better, the timing is right and the streatch and squash is far more effective.


Second day of experimental sketchbook, the dart landed on a rather uninspiring stretch of road near an industrial estate. I did some sketches of trees and houses in the distance but im trying to find something different and more exciting to draw that just trees.

Bowling Ball and Football

This is the first real bit of animation of the term. I had to show I understood the concept of weight. I am pleased with the bowling ball but football doesn't look real, its to fast and it doesn't bounce enough. I think i want to redo the football before I submit them.

At the Cornwall Film Fest

This week the Cornwall film festival released its timetable of events, including the screening of student films. My Foundation Final animation At the Office is in two competitions, the Student Short film and the Cornish short film competition.

Experimental Sketch Book

This term I am doing an 'Experimental Sketch Book' where i have to each week follow a diffrent rule to what and how i draw. This week my rule is Grid Lock. I have a map of falmouth and Penryn and I am getting my friends to randomly select a location by throwing darts at the map, where ever the dart lands i am going there to draw. I have been today to Roscarrack Road a country land near Budock Water. Here are some sketch book pages.