Thursday, 25 November 2010


In 3D this week we are meant to be tackiiling walk cycles aswell, but we have to use a rig of a monkey, im struggling with this alot. i seem to be able to get the legs to walk fine, but i find the arms are too big and i dont know where to put them. and i either find i put to much or not enough twist and bob on the waist and shouldes here are my attepmts so far;

we have also been using this character called burt to practise the leg movement, i found it alot easyer with this rig.

walk cycles

This week in 2D we had to darw a generic walk cycle, here is mine;

the legs and arms, i am pleased with. as for the rest it didnt work, i could not get the 'bob' to work the waist seems to be jumping around everywhere where as the head is perfectly still i think i need more twist on the waist and sholders and crearte a better arc of movement for them and i might be there.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

storyboarding in template

ive decided how i want my storyboard to open so i have started to put my first boards into the template, i think it looks good, imnot sure what all the boxes mean, but i can fill them in later

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


this week in my experimental sketchbook i am looking at reflections. all week i am drawring the same flower but each drawring is through a diffrent reflection here a few drawings of the flower through a hand mirror and a metal saucepan.


this week in maya we were given a character to position. we had to use the rig move him around to show we understood weight and the way the body moves, here are a few of the positions i have tried;

Monday, 1 November 2010


Ive spent alot of time this week working on the storyboard project, i have chosen the pirate script as i think it will be both challanging and fun to do, i also think it will be great for the background project. here are a cuple of my initial storyboards for the opening section.

double take

this week in 2D we were set the task of animating our cubie character one last time. this time he had to do a double take, we had to show our understading of all the priciples of animation. i am very pleased with mine i think i could use a little more overlap and squash and stretch at the end but otherwise i think it rather good.