Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Red of Dead: scratch on film animation

For our 'red or dead' project we have decided to just choose a whole selection of experimental animation techniques that we haven't tried yet and let them shape the film.

Ive started with some scratching straight on film animation, i've been reading about norman mclaren for my dissertation work and watching a few of his films and I think this technique could look quite nice, perhaps as a background or night sky, but ive decided to keep it abstract.

Deck of cards: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts

a few more designs done in photoshop for my pack of cards:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Red or Dead: the 70s

We have a new brief with a new group this semester, we are creating a short film based on bicycles for the fashion brand Red or Dead. We have been working on ideas and have been mood boarding some of these ideas, here are a couple of mood boards i did focusing on fashion in the 70s.

Ive also been working on a quick concept piece based on old penny slot machines.

Rise and Shine: First animated shots.

This week i finished my first shot which was the second shot of our film, It showed a camera tracking into a man asleep in bed while his phone rings and his dog comes in to wake him up, He wakes up and starts searching for his phone.

Im really pleased with my piece of animation, I had problems switching from side view to front view but i don't think its too bad now.i had rather simple movements in this shot and we may find it gets harder to animate and we get more complicated scenes.

Here is shot 2:

We have a time table drawn up of which shots we need to do when, at the moment we are a bit behind as there was a lot of things in animating we didn't account for, but i think once we get into a pattern of animating we will easily catch up with ourselves