Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rise and shine: far to much work for a saturday

As we plan to start animating this week, we needed to do what we thought were just a few finishing bits and bobs to all the props and puppets but this turned out to be a lot more that expected.
I have had to draw out, texture and work out the layout for the man in both front and side positions as well as make another puppet for the first scene in which he doesn't have a dressing gown on.
I have also mad all the separate hand positions as well as eyes and mouths.

There are still a few more props to finish before we can start animating, sophie is working on finishing the backgrounds and callum is down to finnish the props for the bedroom, hopefully we will be ready in time!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rise and Shine: props, sets and timetables

We have planned to start animating next week, and to do this we have timetabled out all the scenes and jobs into a chart for this coming term.

For us to start animating by next week we need to have all the props and set built so today i worked on making a rucksack that could be opened and searched in for the phone.

Deck of cards: Mixed deck, tragic royalty, fantastique

Over the last month ive collected 3 new decks of cards:
a Bicycle pack of Tragic Royalty face deck, which used a tim burton style design
a Mix deck which resembles a cassette tape and comes in a cassette case
and a Fantastique deck which does exactly what i wanted to make: it has a 52 frame animation printed on the back which works in a flip book style.

I've also been doing a few tests and sketches in my sketchbook working on ideas for my pack of cards.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Jail House Jazz: Animation Tests

This is a short video of the animation tests i did for my pre production project Jail House Jazz, I used a mixture of CelAction, Flash and AfterEffects. My aim was to create animations that resembled the style of Gustav Klimts paintings.

Vimeo has changed the aspect ration of the video from 16:9 to 3:4, but i forgive it.

Rise and Shine: Cat

These are a selection of animation tests I made in CelAction using my Cat puppet, they are for out group film and we intend to animate the full short in this way.

Jail House Jazz: Animatic

Here are two sections of animatic I completed for the pre-production brief .
They are two short sections of the film that i completed all the pre work for entitled Jail House Jazz. I am working on some tests pieces of animation that show the style i would like the film to be based on the paintings of Gustav Klimt.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Suzie Pea: test aniation

Ive started work on some animation tests in Celaction for a 3rd Years project.
The project is called 'suzie pea' and its a 2D cutout style pre school programme about a girl and her teddybear.