Monday, 13 May 2013


Nearly there, 4 days to go! here are a selection of screenshots from the edit, they show an overall look of the film.

End shot

The final shot is made up of lots of frames all boarded up with charaters trapped on the outside, today i photoshoped together a selection of different frames to be put together in after effects.


The last two weeks have been filled with editing all the shots together i have so far, Ive been working on one edit and updating it as i go. Ive learnt lots about aftereffect, and the film is coming together quite rapidly, still im left with 2 more shots to animate and colour and then just to add some finnishing touches.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Shot 11

Im slowly colouring in my film, shot by shot. Im working on shot 11 its taking about 3 days so far to colour this shot and there are 2 more characters to colour. Once this shot is complete it will be the majority of the film,so there are about 5 more shots to colour