Sunday, 5 June 2011

Say Yes Say No: Rough

The last week and a half me, Matt and Heidi have been putting together a rough animation. We have animated everypart of the film so we know how each scene is going to work, weather it is going to work and what we need to change. We put all the tests together with music to get an idea of timing and how the whole thing will hold together, heres what the result it, we are all happy with it but all have part we want to change.

Since making this rough, we have been re-animating scene by scene and dropping the new scenes into the rough, most these scenes we are happy to be the final scenes but there are a few we are having issues with. Mainly the Georg Grosz scene we cant get right, we have animated it 3 times and each time we are less and less happy with the results. we have a week to re animate this so we dont feel to rushed and will take our time until we get it spot on.

This is our newer edit using mostly final material that will be in our submission:

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