Thursday, 21 February 2013

Stopmotion, attempt 2!

Today, me and Matt scouler re-shot the stopmotion/pixelation section of our film. After all the footage was corrupted last month when we had finnished animating we had to start all over again.

this time we know what we were doing but it still took a long time to get the the animating stage. We had similar computer promblems that wouldn't let us save images to the hard drive and a cameras that wouldnt be detected on the pc. After 4 hours off setting up we animated the sections very quickly and easily. It took us about 45min to and hour to animate the whole thing.
Its was a shame we lost the first attempt but it ment when we came to re shoot it we were more confident with the technique and have a really nice section of animation.

It still need a bit of tidying up and a few frames removed but here is our animated hand.

(video coming soon... processing on youtube)

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