Monday, 23 January 2012

Jail House Jazz: backgrounds

Ive been working on these backgrounds over the last few days, using the textures I made a while back based on Klimts paintings. The backgrounds are of the night sky above the rooftops, the inside of the house looking out the window and the trumpet case prison on a shelf.


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  2. Hi Tim

    I wonder if I can ask a favour of you? I know you are getting on quite well with Cel-Action and I wondered if you would mind helping one of the L3 students do a test shot with it. We have asked Chloe Ingram-Gooden to do a test of her film before it goes ahead; she wanted to do it as stop frame under camera but we wanted her to try it as Cel-Action, believing that it will be a lot easier and give a better result.

    Chloe just needs a bit of a hand to get going. If you would get in touch with her and give her a hand that would be great.