Sunday, 7 October 2012

Land and Power: Woodcut/linocut

This weekend ive been having another go at Lino cutting for my project, ive been trying to recreate the style of Fred Mutebi. instead to woodcutting i've been using lino as its quicker and easier but gives a very similar effect. I couldn't print the colour with separate blocks as I didn't have the time so i put colour down in watercolour and then printed on top with the lino.

Im very pleased with these prints.  and i really enjoyed making them, but im unsure how i can animate in this style, id really like to lino cut and print each frame, but that would take me a very long time and cost a lot, im going to look into recreating the effect digitally or i also thought about using a Lazer cutter to cut out each frame and then printing them, this could save time and still have the nice printed effect.

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