Friday, 19 October 2012

Storyboard Feedback

I sent me story boards to my client 2 days ago, and this morning I get there feedback;
Overall they likedit,  they really like the greneral concept and they picket out a list of element they thought were really great.
They also gave me a list of points to think about and possibly change;
-they want the main character to be female, lots of farmers across the contries that are being affected by land grabs are female. I happy with this as it wont really effect my story that much.
-There not sure about frames 6/7 (a young boy planting the seeds) it could look like child labour and detract from the real issue. so possibly we could have the childs father/mother planting the seeds.
-They would like more close ups of the family, to get there facial expressions
-Have the family shaken out the frame as well
-Cut frames 26-28 (plants growing into family) and replace with shots of the family living on the land
-Rework the market scene as its nothing like what markets are really like. They are going to send me some reference material for that.
-The man should use a lorry to take his crops to market as this is more like reality
-In rame 18 the man protecs the crops from the rain, it might be more effective if it was locusts?
This feed back has been really usefull, I don't agree with it all and i've sent back my thoughts on the changes but its really helpfull to have this input to make this film acurate aswell as powerful. Below are my storyboards with new notes ontop about the possible changes.


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